A Trip To Remember : Day 2.

25th October, 2011.
Pune / Frankfurt / Houston.

Nice sleep in the bus. One hour before we reach the airport. Really humid. All of us are sweating but are still trying to make the most of the moment by sitting in a huddle in  a corner of the bus and talking about life, about school, about Pune and about how would the US look like. Typical way of whiling away the time when we have nothing else to do. Continue Reading ...

A Trip To Remember : Day 3.

26th October, 2011.

Got up at about 7 AM. Well I could only get up because I slept at about 7 the previous night. So that is one nice sleep. When I got up Alan had aldready gone and Abel was ready to go. ( Scara Uncle’ sons ). After having pancakes for breakfast, and saying goodbye to Linksy Aunty, we left the place. On the way, we went to Academy Sports Store to pick up some biking equipment for me to take back to India. Uncle left me at Walmart where all the other students were. Continue Reading ...

A Trip To Remember : Day 5.

28th October, 2011.

We woke up pretty early today. It was freezing cold outside, so we were served breakfast in one of the rooms. Cereals, juices, etc. Almost the same routine. We left early for the Space Center and reached there a little earlier than we expected. So we had a little bit of freetime. We bought some stuff from the shop that sold souvenirs of NASA. We also spent quite a lot of time in the gaming zone, playing a simulated game of aviation. The effects were amazing and objectives of the game were pretty hard. Continue Reading ...