The Majestic Stallion.

On his dazzling coat, was the glint of sunshine,
His hooves sturdy as iron, his head held high,
He flicked his mane full of hair oh so fine,
With looks that’ll kill and an attitude that’ll never die.

Black as coal, was his tough, warm hide.
And a tiny patch of white, right between his eyes.
His side covered by hide, like the seashore covered by tide,
And his patch shone like a lone star in the endless night skies.

A free stallion he is,
Knows no law, follows no rules.
He strides through land as all is his own,
He sips from all the springs, ponds and pools.

He knows no limit, Call him reckless if you dare,
And quite the casanova he is,
Coz it won’t be rare, if you catch a mare,
Who just cant help but stand and stare.

-Edwin Joseph. 


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