A ‘Great’ Invention.

Most of us are addicted to it. Most have a specific slot in our time-tables for it. We come back tired from school or work, but still religiously flip through it’s channels. However, has anyone stopped and thought, “Do we actually need it?”

Yes, my friends, I am talking about the television. All of us like switching through the channels of the ‘idiot box’. However, do we know the side-effects of the casual time we spend in front of the television?

It is the main cause of hyperactivity in young children nowadays. Television is actually like a slideshow of fast moving picture frames. Due to the extensive time spent in front of these fast slides, the brain gets accustomed to it and then reality seems to be moving lethargically, which is exactly the effects of hyperactivity.

There is a steady downslide in the family time spent with loved ones. In this busy corporate world, where there is barely even time to breathe, the measly time that we get for ourselves, we spend in front of the television. This leads to cracks in relationships.

It is a constant distraction for students as they get to see things that would hamper their healthy personality development. The children imbibe certain vices and mirror it in their lives that leads to drastic negative changes in their personalities.

Cartoons, a new age fad. The content of these cartoons is astonishing! Let us take an example of an all time favourite cartoon, which many of us have grown up watching. Tom and Jerry. The amount of violence and bestiality shown in this show is so extreme that it is unthinkable that toddlers all around the world are avidly watching it.

There is a small positive to this television that even informative and helpful channels are streamed but the number of the viewers of such channels are steadily dwindling.

I have managed to live without television for most of my life. Trust me, I do not feel it’s absence at all. So let us keep the box with the flashing pictures away and discover the pleasures of reality instead.

Edwin Joseph.
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