A Trip To Remember : Day 11.

3rd November, 2011.
Orlando, New York.

Very early start to the day. 5 a.m, to be precise. This was because we had to catch the flight to New York at 8 a.m. Usually, on any trip, there would be a lot of fuss about getting up so early in the morning, but surprisingly, every single member of the group was fresh and ready well before time. After all, it is New York that we are talking about, the place which each and every one of us was waiting to see with baited breath.

Smooth flight. We were a little sad to depart from Orlando and there was sort of a sinking feeling in our hearts as we left the theme park capital of the world. Orlando surely is a dream come true for any child. No matter, we were going to go to New York and that would be a place that would leave us staring, we were sure of it.

As soon as we landed in Newark, we got into a bus and drove into NYC. It was spectacular. There were buildings so tall that we all had minor sprains in our necks by the time we reached the hotel. We went straight to the Intrepid Museum, which was a massive ship with aircrafts from World War II and other such vehicles with a certain amount of significance. We got to go through the ship and actually see most of the ships cabins and operating rooms. It was really wonderful.

Then we stopped for lunch but we soon regained our journey. It was brilliant how the city was built. It was all so systematic and well planned. Pure genius. Then we ventured into the heart of Manhattan. Times Square. This was a sight that I will remember my whole life. Enormous boards with bright flashing lights looking at us from everywhere! So many advertisements! Moving picture displays! It was surely a sight to see.

We then went to Madame Tussauds, the wax museum. So many famous personalities, many of whom we knew were all there! In wax, ofcourse. It was great fun clicking pictures with all those celebrities.

Tired of all the travelling, we quickly had dinner and then reached the Marriott Courtyard. Checked in, kept our bags. freshened up and then went straight to the heated swimming pool. All of us guys had loads of fun in the pool, playing with the American football that most of us bought. Then completely exhausted we went to our rooms and went to sleep. End of a long and memorable day.

*          *          *

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