A Trip To Remember : Day 10.

2nd November, 2011.

Super excitement levels, early in the morning. Today was ‘the’ day. Universal Studios, Islands of Adventure, you better get ready, because we are coming! Yes, today is the day for which we were anxiously waiting for. We were all so eager to go, we barely managed to eat breakfast. Pushed in some food and then went straight to the bus. We were super excited.

Long and a rather impatient bus ride. We were waiting to see the well planned infrastructure of the enormous theme park. The tales of the gigantic roller coasters and splendid shows had completely enthralled us and we were waiting to begin the adventure.

We reached. Humongous rush! Took a little while to get the tickets, but we didn’t mind. Took out a rugby ball and started playing a rather animated game of dodge ball. Once we got the tickets, we rushed into the park. Paradise. It is like a mixture of Disney and a regular theme park. It is designed for all age groups, quite unlike Disney, which is a children’s destination. Straight to The Wizarding World Of Harry Potter, the most popular section of Universal.

Overwhelming! First, we went to the virtual ride of Hogwarts, which was by far the best thing at Universal. Popping Dementors, adrenaline pumping broomstick riding, wild dragons, it had it all. Once we got out, we went to the Harry Potter rides. A Hipogriff themed ride and a dragon themed one. The Chinese Fireball and the Hungarian Horntail where the names of the dragon rides, we still can’t figure out which is better. We did those rides the most. By now, you surely must have noticed that we were a group of hardcore adrenaline junkies.

After going out of there, we began exploring the rest of the park. Looking at the size, we knew we would never be able to finish all of them, even if we had a whole year to spend there. We ventured into the section of Universal where most of the popular Marvel heroes come to life. Spider Man, a pretty decent ride, where we had to wear 3D glasses and join Spidey on his tour of justice in Manhattan. Then, we went to the Incredible Hulk Roller Coaster. Most of the people in the group agree that this is the scariest and the most adrenaline pumping ride in the whole trip. Did the Doctor Doom’s Fear fall and many other things.

The whole trip was so amazing, I barely have words left to describe it. The best parts of the U.S are surely, one, food, two, NASA ( !!! ) and three, the theme parks.

We were really tired after the whole day. I am sure you may wonder why we get so tired after just sitting on rides and watching shows. But, all of you must remember, that since we had a fixed amount of time and so many things to do, all of us had decided to make a run for all the shows and rides. This surely saved a lot of time that could have been wasted dawdling away. This way, we got to enjoy a lot more than we were supposed to ( trust me, that is a LOT of enjoyment ).

After that we went to a restaurant and had some really good food. Stupendously tired after the long day, we did not urge our bodies to serve us for much longer. We just obliged when it told us what to do, and extraordinarily, we found ourselves in bed, sleeping tightly, most probably dreaming about the remaining days of this mind blowing trip.
*          *          *

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