‘Flashes from a new life’ Returns.

As I said before in my previous post (Flashes from a new life), this isn't exactly a diary update. This is just a collection of thoughts, events and observations from my new life, in a new place that I call home.



Weddings in Denmark are awesome. The ceremony is pretty much the same as any Christian wedding, however, the reception afterwards is completely different. Rich in Danish culture and traditions, the wedding party is fun-filled and even mildly bizarre (at least to the Indian boy).
The guests at the dinner tables start clinking their glasses with a fork to get the bride and the groom to kiss. This takes place repeatedly. Whistling and cat calling is in order.
There is also a custom where all the men at the party line up to kiss the bride and all the women, the groom. Just imagining the same thing taking place at an Indian wedding brought tears of laughter to my eyes. "Tumne meri biwi ko chumma diya!". Lol.
Gourmet food and good wine fuelled the night for a long time.
Football is the most popular sport in Denmark and 'FC Copenhagen vs Brondby IF' is probably the best game in the whole Danish Superleague. I was lucky to get an opportunity to be part of the 'Sektion 12 Ultras' of FC Copenhagen (the most loyal and vocal supporters, to put it nicely) for this exhilarating derby.
The atmosphere in the stadium was absolutely insane. The supporters of both the sides yelling out chants to each other, expressing their love for their team (and occasional hatred for the other team).  The rivalry was so intense that we didn't sit throughout the game.
Yelling till your voice gives up on you. Shoulder to shoulder, jumping in unison as one big mass. Waving flags to form beautiful displays of blue and white (team colours).
The players, battling it out on the ground. Hugging everyone around you and receiving a beer shower when your team scores ( just some random fan throwing his drink in the air, unable to contain his joy).
I felt fired up and full of life. One hell of an experience, this was.
Taxes in Denmark are as high as Snoop Dogg.

Seriously. This is the country with the third highest tax rates in the world.
However, it also has the fourth highest median pay in the world, so it's a fair deal. Especially if you think about the solid healthcare and education systems. Not only is education in Denmark free, but students actually get paid enough to support themselves and go to university (you read that right).
There is generally a low rate of unemployment and generous unemployment benefits nevertheless.
Even with these insanely high taxes, Danes are supposed to be the "happiest people on the Earth". However, it isn't only about how much you tax the people, it's about what you do with the tax money.
So yeah, it's been almost two months since I have landed here (feels like a lot less)! Trying to be like a human sponge, absorbing all that I can. It has been all about living life to the fullest and it will continue to be so. 


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