Treading On Mountains

The bags were packed three days ago. That indicates how excited I was about this whole thing. I, along with a few of my friends were leaving for Manali, finally. We had begun making plans about this weeks ago. Yeah, go ahead, call us kiddish, but just think about it! Six of us, along with a few more campers, with three instructors, going all the way to Manali! Continue Reading ...


Have you ever visited the meadows, at dawn.
Have you ever gone there, when you’re so forlorn.
Have you tramped past the meadows, lush green.
Shining brightly, with a vibrant sheen.

Have you gone there, when somebody’s been mean.
Shout out loud, nobody will ever hear a scream.
If you ever have a problem, ever be lone.
Go watch the butterflies, and your troubles will be long gone. Continue Reading ...