A Trip To Remember : Day 10.

2nd November, 2011.

Super excitement levels, early in the morning. Today was ‘the’ day. Universal Studios, Islands of Adventure, you better get ready, because we are coming! Yes, today is the day for which we were anxiously waiting for. We were all so eager to go, we barely managed to eat breakfast. Pushed in some food and then went straight to the bus. We were super excited. Continue Reading ...

A Trip To Remember : Day 11.

3rd November, 2011.
Orlando, New York.

Very early start to the day. 5 a.m, to be precise. This was because we had to catch the flight to New York at 8 a.m. Usually, on any trip, there would be a lot of fuss about getting up so early in the morning, but surprisingly, every single member of the group was fresh and ready well before time. After all, it is New York that we are talking about, the place which each and every one of us was waiting to see with baited breath. Continue Reading ...

A Trip To Remember : Day 12.

4th November, 2011.
New York.

We got up quite early in the morning. Had a pretty decent breakfast package provided to us by the hotel. Today we had to go to the United Nations. I wasn’t pretty sure about what it was all about but then Dad explained what it was all about. I was extremely happy that there were people from all over the world who came together to maintain world peace and try to enable the people of this world to live in a better place. I greatly respect them all for that. Continue Reading ...

A Trip To Remember : Day 13.

5th November, 2011.
New York.

This was it. The last day we spent in this country. We were all really sad. Sad that this amazing trip had to come to an end but well, all good things do come to an end. So we got out of our beds, got ready and packed our bags. After checking out of the hotel, we got into the bus and drove on for a while. Then we got off and went to Ellis Island. From there we took a ferry to Liberty Island. Yes, the place of the Statue Of Liberty. Continue Reading ...

Treading On Mountains

The bags were packed three days ago. That indicates how excited I was about this whole thing. I, along with a few of my friends were leaving for Manali, finally. We had begun making plans about this weeks ago. Yeah, go ahead, call us kiddish, but just think about it! Six of us, along with a few more campers, with three instructors, going all the way to Manali! Continue Reading ...