A Trip To Remember : Day 1.

Day 1 :
24th October, 2011.
Pune, India.

The excitement that is felt due to the prospect of flying to a new, large and a well heard about country is immense. And if we are flying into the United States Of America in a few hours, be ready to experience sudden bursts of hyper activity and a regular, wild urge to scream with joy.

Yes, me, Edwin Joseph, and a bunch of my school buddies are going to the US. A few of you may be like, ” Yeah, so what?”, but if I told you that we are going for the Space Program of the NASA Space Centre, there, you’re floored.

My bag is packed and I’m all set to hit the road. Literally speaking, the skies. Our flight is at 2:50 A.M the next day from Mumbai, and I am ready to bid adieu and get along with it.

There are three teachers accompanying twenty of us kids along with a  Company representative. ( ‘Company’ is the firm taking us to the US ). Now let me tell you that this company representative, unbelievably happens to be my very own father, you dont know how luck I am. I get introduced to the new country, the new culture and the new ambience of living by my own father, with my friends! It doesn’t get better than that!

Eventually, the bus moves from it’s slumber and gradually picks up speed, hurtling towards Mumbai. Hoping that the bus journey is short, all of us gradually start falling asleep.

*          *          *

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