A Trip To Remember : Day 9.

1st November, 2011.

Got up, dressed and trudged our way towards the breakfast area in the hotel. I think I haven’t mentioned that the hotel, Holiday Inn Express, serves amazing breakfast. Various sections of breakfast with cereals, pancakes, cinnamon rolls, breads etc. A wide range of food on display.

After breakfast, we went to the reception area, where all of us got these pamphlets of the attractions in Orlando. All of us eagerly grabbed the Seaworld pamphlets and were busy examining the various rides and shows over there. Knowing from experience that we will not be able to complete all the rides, we decided what we were going to do in Seaworld right there.

Left the hotel and got into the bus. Long ride again, but this time, it was much easier to bear because we knew that the place we were going to is going to be super cool, something which we didn’t know while riding to Disney. Huge crowd! It was a nice sunny day and the crowd was pouring into the park. We quickly got in. Got our allowance for the day and our gather up point and off we went into the land of aquatics! On the way to the park we so Aquatica, which is a water park of Seaworld.

When we reached the park we quickly went to our predecided rides. The rides of Seaworld were much better than those in Disney. They were actually scary. But really exhilarating too. It was so fast with steep drops and super fast turns, it is absolutely amazing. And, I must accept, addictive too. Two notable rides, which I must recommend for all adrenaline lovers, is Manta and, the best ride of Seaworld, Kraken.

We did the rides so many times, and ate some really good pizza and did the rides many times again. This day surely is one of the best in my life.

After Seaworld, we went shopping to the Premium Outlets, Orlando. There was no chance we could even walk past all the shops over there, it was that huge. The place was amazing! There were so many shops and so many brands that you could spend a whole day there and be content even if you don’t spend a cent. But, ofcourse, all of us spent much more than just a cent. I bought myself a few things, but the best by of them all, are my football boots. ( Nike T90 ).

We were super tired from all that happened in the whole day. Had dinner, then reached the hotel and hit the beds.

*          *          *

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