A Trip To Remember : Day 8.

31st October, 2011.

Woke up pretty early in the morning. The excitement level was way above normal. The reason for this was pretty simple. Today, we were going to Disney! Yes one of the most popular theme parks in the whole world!  Magical Kingdom, that is the particular park where we were going. All of us, especially the slightly younger ones were rearing to go. A quick breakfast and off we went to the first of the theme parks of this wonderful trip.

Long bus ride. Clicked pictures of almost everything on the way. I think I haven’t mentioned the streets of the U.S in my previous updates so I think I should write about it now. Smooth. Very smooth. The roads are so amazing, the car seems to glide through the city. Not only here, in Orlando but even in Houston. The cars, all in their respective lanes, in a straight line. Not a sound of honking, no lane changing, no rash drivers and no cows and other stray animals on the streets. It is beautiful the way the traffic moves in the US.

We reached Disney at last. The parking lot was filled with hundreds of cars, but Dad and the driver were saying that as it was raining today, there were barely any people. If that, was barely any people, it would have been a sight, coming here and watching the crowd on a nice sunny day. We took a train that would take us to Magical Kingdom and from there we saw amazing parts of the other Disney parks.

We reached Magical Kingdom. It was still raining, but we didn’t mind. This was going to be one of the best days of the whole trip, that, we were sure of. After being given our money and gather up point, we set off into a completely different world, Disneyworld.

It was humongous! It was like a small village or city which looked exactly like the illustrations in the Disney books. Everything from the shops to the restaurants to the various rides and shows. Everything was like a small city from the animation books that has come alive. And let me get this clear, it is not at all fake, it looks as real as ever! The wood is actually wood and stone is actually stone. ( Except for the rides, where the fake environment is made of natural substance lookalikes.

It was so huge, that we all were given maps to locate the various things in the huge park. The whole experience of being in such a world, which is so fake, yet so real, is absolutely mind blowing. Hats off to the creators of this village.

The rides, oh the rides, all of them, absolutely spectacular! Especially a ride called Space Mountain, which we did eleven times, I think. There were many others too. Splash Mountain, Thunder Mountain! Many many more. So many that we couldn’t even finish all of them and now I don’t even remember a lot of them!

It was really amazing, Disney, yes it was. We cherished each moment spent there. Enjoyed a lot. It was really sad to leave the place. But, all good things eventually come to an end. While we were walking out, there were many fireworks that lit the sky and the trademark Disney castle, which has enormous and spectacular, came to life with activity. There were many dancers and we saw the world famous characters, Mickey Mouse and Co. It was really cool but we had to go.

We had dinner at Passage To India again. There was Chicken Tandoori today and oh didn’t we relish it. Tired of the various activities of the day, we reached the hotel pretty late, and hit the beds.

*          *          *

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