A Trip To Remember : Day 6.

29th October, 2011.
Houston, Orlando.

Frantic packing in the morning. We were going to Orlando! The place is second only to heaven. All the stuff stuffed into the back and we are ready to go. We have two more things left to do in Houston. One was go for scuba diving with a few NASA divers and then make it in time for the Tram Tour of Johnson Space Center.

We checked out of the hotel, loaded our bags into the bus and made our way towards the large indoor pool. It took us quite some time to reach there. Once we were there, as we were a little early, we began to play catch with a baseball. Soon later, the instructors arrived and taught us the basics of scuba diving. We payed close attention to the instructions and then went to the changing room to change into my swimming dress.

We got into the pool. It was pretty cool so we were shivering a bit but we soon began enjoying the swim. Soon the instructors came in and put the essential gear on us. We started swimming in the shallow area and began to play some games and began perform some basic scuba diving actions. Those who were able to perform those actions were allowed to go into the deep end of the pool which was around a dozen feet deep. Two of my friends, Dad and me went into the deep first from the whole group. The feeling underwater is inexplainable. The atmosphere underwater is so serene and calm, it has a wonderful effect on your body and mind. The deep end of the pool is wonderful. This was one of the most memorable experiences of  the whole trip.

Went straight to the airport to catch our flight to Orlando. Reached, boarded, barely managed to watch a movie, then dozed off. It was really late by then. We reached Orlando at around midnight and by the time we reached the hotel room it probably was, we didn’t have the energy to check. The lovely, soft bed was the only thing on our minds right now. Soon, we were in the land of dreams.

*          *          *

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