A Trip To Remember : Day 13.

5th November, 2011.
New York.

This was it. The last day we spent in this country. We were all really sad. Sad that this amazing trip had to come to an end but well, all good things do come to an end. So we got out of our beds, got ready and packed our bags. After checking out of the hotel, we got into the bus and drove on for a while. Then we got off and went to Ellis Island. From there we took a ferry to Liberty Island. Yes, the place of the Statue Of Liberty.

The symbol of hope and freedom. I was amazed that such a large structure was gifted to the Americans by the French, truly a great show of friendship. Piece by piece, packed in humongous crates were shipped all the way from France to America and then assembled into Lady Liberty. Splendid, really.

We went to the Statue itself and clicked a few pictures. After spending some time over there we went out. Outside we met Thanigai Uncle, Dad’s old friend with his wife, Jyothi and son, Athilesh. They drove for such a long time just to spend some time with us. That is some real friendship, I say. All of us then went to KFC and had our lunch over there.

Then it just got over. It was time to go home. None of us could believe it. We had had the time of our life over there and now ‘poof’, it was all gone! We headed towards the airport, all of us thinking of all the things that we did on this amazing trip.

We were flying Continental Airlines and our flight was at 8 p.m.. We reached on time and boarded the plane in no time. All of us were still dazed, unable to believe that it was coming to an end.

Flipping through an endless list of movies, watching a few of them, having something to eat, that’s all we did the whole time. I don’t even remember when I went to sleep.

So, this is the end of a wonderful trip, a trip that taught us so many things about life in general, a trip that taught us so much about space and the vast abyss outside our tiny little world, a trip that taught us to get rid of all our fears, a trip that inspired us to work hard towards our dreams, goals and ambitions. Yes, this surely is A Trip To Remember.

Signing Off,
Edwin Joseph.

*          *          *

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